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TW: Violence TW: Misogyny TW: Transmisogyny TW: Verbal assault/threats TW: Transphobia TW: Homophobia

Does anyone recommend any particular brand/type of pepper spray? 

Had an incident tonight and my partner/I want to buy some. Some asshole tried to pick a fight with bun at a clothing swap, claiming that bun pushed his mom (which bun absolutely did not). When bun told him that bun doesn’t talk to people that are violent, he told bun they could “take it outside”. He continued to mean mug us (I gave bun plenty of kisses and snugs while aggressively staring poison-laced daggers at the asshole), even as he was walking out the door. Apparently said asshole has also been seen hanging around the LGBT center here in Long Beach, looking for trouble. Thank you so much to our friends who helped us through it.

Lesson learned, never leave home without pepper spray. Even if you’re just attending a neighborhood event, near a cute community garden, to enjoy free food and swap free stuff. ^:\

*in case you’re wondering, my partner prefers bun(ny) pronouns. ^:P *






There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

it’s not even 33%, it’s 25%

the fact that these people think they ave a say in what Nintendo does is hilarious. Saying stuff like “i’m not sexist, but…” is the same as saying “I am sexist, and…”




unicorns are notorious for their hatred of posturing bro culture

(I’m debating making this girl available as a sticker and a shirt.)

That should make it easier to identify what kind of people to avoid like the plague, thanks! :^)

it’s funny because the kind of people who identify with bro culture are the exact people I’d want to avoid me like the plague so this works

But confusingly, misogynists are sometimes men who speak softly and eat vegan and say “a woman’s sexual freedom is an essential component to her liberation. So come here.” It’s a tricky world out there. And while I’d prefer a critical approach to gender from men I elect, read and even bed, in my experience, the so-called feminist men I’ve met deep down have not been less antagonistic or bigoted toward women. What I see over and over again is misogyny in sheep’s clothing, and at this point, I would rather see wolves as wolves.

"Stop fawning over male feminists" 

omg this is so spot on

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